Certified and attuned master in these traditional established lineages

Archangel Metatron Reiki
Balance Reiki
Birth Trauma Reiki
Crystalline Reiki
DNA Reiki
Energy Adaptation Reiki
Gold Reiki
Higher Power Diamond Reiki
Imara Reiki
Karmic Band Reiki
Karuna Ki Reiki
Kundalini Reiki
Past Life Clearing Reiki
Seichim/SKHM Reiki
Tachyon Zero Point Reiki
Usui Reiki
Violet Flame Reiki

As well as a channel of these modalities

(these attunements below are available only to certified masters of Usui level 3)

64 Tetrahedron Reiki
Abraham Reiki
Archangel Reiki
Archetype Reiki
Auric Field Reiki
Beh Beh Ki Reiki
Clearing Reiki
Cocoon of Light Reiki
Elemental Reiki
Flower of Life Reiki
Galactivation Reiki
Hathor Reiki
Holographic Reiki
Integral Reiki
Law of Attraction Reiki
Machine / Technology Reiki
Magick Reiki
Mer Ka Ba Reiki
Phi Reiki / Golden Ratio
Plant Reiki / Gaia Reiki
Quantum Reiki
Reiki Chi Spheres
Resonance Reiki
Sacred Geometry Reiki
Singularity Reiki
Sirian Reiki
Sleeping Reiki
String Theory Reiki
Tahuthi Reiki
Tantric Reiki
Torus Reiki
Transformational Reiki
Unified Field Reiki
Vector Equilibrium Reiki
Vortex Reiki

more info on the different forms coming soon – ask about our attunement / healings packages when you contact us!

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