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The Gokai in Japanese – videos to assist with pronunciation for practicing and an article discussing the original Gokai for research

Many blessings to you reading this! Hope you are well! This post is just a real quick one regarding the Gokai or Reiki Principles. I found myself referring to my earlier post about the Gokai on the site pretty often to get the Japanese version so i could practice it everyday (there cant be any […]

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The Super Quick Gokai

  @vii23 , @reikigrandmasta , #gokai , #thegokai , #reikigrandmasta , #reikigrandmaster , #quick , #prayer , #principle , #reiki I invite the help and blessings, I allow it, this is the secret. Please help me to be aware of the many blessings and be grateful Please help me to relax and trust Please help […]

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